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The God of the Bible is bigger than “evangelicalism” or any other ism. He will not be contained, controlled or compelled by any invention or expectation of man. As he consistently demonstrates in his written word, the Bible, he can and does use all men to accomplish his intent, despite our plans and predictions, and he can redeem and restore any and all who reject or mock or hate, even those within the church. That redemption and restoration – in a word, hope – ought also to be our primary and driving interest with all, especially those with whom we vehemently disagree.


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These political seasons bring storms that roll through society, gusting with squalls of loud opinions that heighten tension and often provoke reactions without wisdom. In the midst of all this, the Spirit asked me a question that I thought I’d share:

Are you able to care deeply for someone who vehemently disagrees with you? Are you able to love them?

Don’t answer too quickly.

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