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I often experience the recognition of and desire for beneficial outcomes before possessing the maturity to receive them. When God answers my request with “no,” my flesh encourages me to hear, “You can’t have that,” or “Never!” But the Holy Spirit has shown me that the real nature of his response is frequently, “Not yet.” He withholds providing what I’ve asked for, not because the request is wrong or out of a desire to deprive me, but rather his wisdom is waiting to give the good outcome I’ve asked for until I’ve grown to the point where saying “Yes” will truly be the full blessing he loves to give. And that makes me love him even more.


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If I am to follow God, I must be willing to follow his Spirit into soberly examining my own opinions, subjecting them to honest scrutiny, subduing any affection or loyalty and welcoming their transformation to the perspective and wisdom of Jesus.

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