Thought for the Week

Arrogance and unbelief go hand-in-hand, and they walk together into idolatry.

Beware Cheap Knock-Offs

When I struggle with or give in to my particular version of temptation and idolatry, it manifests in my life beyond the obvious actions and regrets. Other elements surge (or resurge) as well, as my flesh claws its way back through my permission. In retrospect, I find my desire shifts from intimacy with Jesus and clear life to a powerful, darkening urge to control events and others’ choices.

The contrast is astounding, when I can see it. My thoughts and attitude can slowly become canted, undermining my relationships. I believe it is Satan working to establish a foothold in my flesh around what I consider fundamentally to be the root of all sin: the desire to be like God… without God.

I’ve long been struck by the irony of Eve and Satan’s exchange and the deceiver’s suggestion in Genesis 3; his words are always shadow to God’s light. That God wanted to prevent her from becoming like himself was the deceiver’s first insinuation to Eve that “hooked” her, and it was a double deception. Satan lied about God’s desire and his own, offering something he couldn’t provide and didn’t even truly want. It’s ironic because making me like Christ actually is God’s aim (Romans 8:28-30)!

Cheap, similar-looking knock-offs that appear much more available and take much less work are Satan’s specialty, and he is still polishing his craft. I’m grateful my father is so much higher and wiser and has written both my name in his book of life and his name on my heart. Hallelujah!

(By the way, the Hebrew origin of the word “hallelujah” is fascinating. “Hallel” means joyous praise through song; “jah” refers to “Yah”, short for YHWH, the Hebrew name of God that he gave Moses in Exodus 34)

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