Thought for the Week

I read a quote from Oswald Chambers the other day: “Never court anything other than the approval of God.” It made me ask, why do we as Christians often seek the approval of men and women instead of God? Then it hit me – because many of us have already decided it’s too late. God has disapproved of our bad choices. Church usually reminds us of it. We think we already know his answer; why keep trying? But that belief is incongruous with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There’s a lie here. We’ve agreed with something that just isn’t true. I’m not saying God doesn’t disapprove of sin; of course he does. In fact, that’s actually a stark understatement. Sin breaks his heart. The father deeply and jealously longs for those who are lost.

The lie is that he disapproves of us as well as our sin – that he despises us. But if that we’re true, would he give up his son to become a man, suffer, take on all the shame of our collective sin and experience the consequence of it? Would Jesus willingly surrender himself to men who wanted to murder him for the sake of someone he hated?

Thought for the Week

The good things I could do to bless and encourage others and bring glory to God accomplish none of these until I actually do them.


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