Thought for the Week

The good things I could do to bless and encourage others and bring glory to God accomplish none of these until I actually do them.

Have you ever experienced a brief glimpse of hope, only to find a murky cloud of doubt shove its way into your vision? Maybe you’ve tried to plan a vacation, budget a purchase or figure out how to handle a change in some area of your life. No matter what the situation, it can be frustrating to never quite grasp what you long for. More often than not, I can find myself diving deeply into the “what ifs,” and end up going nowhere.

It’s been my observation (and experience) that our imagination’s version of the difficulty of an approaching trial or challenge is almost always an exaggeration. Not that there isn’t any difficulty – just that our minds inflate it, and the fear of what we might feel or encounter dwarfs the reality, resulting in discouragement and intimidation before the trial even starts.

Best to just behold reality as it truly is – good and bad, no avoidance and no embellishment. That’s what real faith and real humility look like. Fear will keep trying to assert itself, suggesting all sorts of awful outcomes to our minds; but the truth is, the source of that fear doesn’t know the outcome, either.

Releasing our grip, abandoning our attempts to perfect results, and really trusting God to manage our reality can feel scary, but it actually turns out to be an incredible relief! And the beautiful irony is that the freedom we dreamed of and craved was available all along, waiting for our surrender.


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